Q) How do I use The Organic Grocer online shopping centre?

Our online shop is designed and built to improve your shopping experience and make online shopping enjoyable. On the left hand side of the page in Go Shopping is where you will find all your Organic Grocer shopping information. Starting from the top is your shopping cart, followed by this weeks mixed box, and lastly the browse products section.

Your Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart summary on the left hand side of the page displays the total items currently in your cart and the current cost of all items in the cart (this excludes shipping cost). To view items currently in your cart, click the "View Cart" link. Here you will see all the products in your cart, the selling price of each product, the total quantity ordered and the total cost of each product. Below all the products listed is the total cost of the entire cart.

This Weeks Mixed Box

This Weeks mixed boxes contains a list of the weeks mixed fruit and vegetable combinations. Click on the box that you are interested in. This will show you the contents of each mixed box, with the products and the quantity supplied. Once you have decided which mixed box to purchase, put a 1 in the QTY box and add it to your shopping cart by clicking the "Add" button.

Browse Products

Browse products is a list of all our products in our catalogue. You will see that our main categories are displayed directly under the browse products heading. The main categories include: Fresh produce, Fridge Products, Poultry and Meats, Groceries, Bread, Beverages, Dried Goods, Vegetarian and Books. By clicking anyone of these main categories, will give you a list of subcategories for that particular product list. Once you have clicked a subcategory a list of product will be displayed that are related in that category. For example, if you choose the main category "Fresh Produce", it will display subcategories of "Fruit" and "Vegetables". If you then click on "Fruit" subcategory, a list of all our available fruits for the week will be displayed. Ttype the quantity that you wish to purchase in the QTY box and it will automatically be added to your shopping cart. (Remember if you want 1/2kg just type 0.5 in the QYT box)

Q) I can not find a particular product that I am looking for, what do I do?

If you are having a difficulty locating any of our products, please do not hesitate to use our search function located on the top of the catalogue listing. Search by typing a one word of the product name or full product name, then click "Search". If you are still having trouble locating your product , please contact us at info@theorganicgrocer.com.au or call us on 1300 88 11 61 and one of our experienced staff will be able to assist you with your enquire

Q) How do I update and remove items from my shopping cart?

It is very simple. In the shopping cart section on the left hand side of the page there is a link to "view cart". Click to view current products in your shopping cart and here you can update or remove items as required. If you want to increase or decrease the quantity ordered, simply type the amount in the QTY box and then click "update". For example if you ordered 0.5kg (1/2kg) of Pink Lady Apples and you want to increase the quantity to 1kg, just type 1 in the QTY box and then click the "update" button. This will automatically update the quantity ordered. You can repeat this procedure if you want to decrease the quantity ordered. If you wish to remove any items from your shopping cart, just press the remove button at the end of each product. This will automatically remove the product from your shopping cart.

Q) How does the checkout procedure work?

Once your shopping is complete and want to checkout, click the "Checkout" button located on the bottom of shopping cart. This will take you to the customer registration page. If you are an existing customer enter your email address and password to proceed, or if you are a new customer make an account with us and register your details. Once you are logged in the process order page will appear. Here you will see your billing address, shipping address, order and payment method. Both the billing and shipping address can be edited directly by clicking the "Edit" button located in each of the address boxes. Also if you have a gift certificate number or any comments please add it to your order. Finally click "Process Order". This will send your order to us for processing.